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A Leading Medical Service Provider in Ontario, CA

CTG Medical provides care and service from a patient centric focus. As a leader in our industry, we are experts, with years of service, experience, and strong team to ensure we deliver services to you without interruption, but most importantly with compassion, from our family to yours.

Our team of care representatives are ready to answer your questions, arrange a future or urgent transport, long distance medical transfer, home, or senior care service.

Your safety is our top

We are fully licensed and Insured

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What We’re Offering

About Our Medical Transportation Services

Medical Transportation

Providing emergency medical care and transportation swiftly and with compassion.

Long Distance Relocation

Delivering urgent medical attention no matter the distance and location.

Personal Senior Services

Accompanying patients who require medical assistance and supervision during travel.

CTG Medical Pillars of Success

What makes CTG Medical the better option for health and transportation needs? It is our dedication to delivering high-quality medical care solutions that are compassionate and patient focused. 

Constant and direct communication throughout the patient experience

Our teams care, you will feel the difference

We understand you are not feeling at your best, we strive to keep you as comfortable as possible

The world runs on compassion, and we run our businesses on the same. Service through compassion

Find out Why Patients Trust Our Ambulance

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